Water Jet    

  TGM garnet with precise size and low dust is effective in cutting stainless steel, marbles, granites titanium alloys, granite glasses, garments, etc, with high accuracy to any geometrical shape. Being harder and heavier it cuts faster also. TGM has a dedicated plant exclusively to produce water jet cutting grades which uses the material processed through cross flow separators and through spiral concentrators that are free of dust and silt.

  The product is of correct grain size distribution without any oversize material and free of dust and hence gives trouble free performances without checking and clogging of the nozzles. The major water jet cutting grades produced by the company are:
60 mesh
80 mesh
120 mesh


Unique advantages of Water Jet Grade Garnet
Our company is a specialized producer of Water Jet Grades. Our products are marketed and are approved for their excellent quality. All our grades are precise in their size and highly pure. The unique three-stage screening system with fully enclosed final screening ensures free flow product with no oversize particle. The washing system ensures the product is dust free and free from chloride. The well-controlled grain size distribution ensures efficient and accurate cutting profiles.

Other Applications
Apart from blasting and waterjet cutting, Garnets is used for other applications. Fine grained milled Garnet powers for polishing Glasses, TV-tubes, Decorative Stones, Metals, Plastics, Tiles, etc. Water softening particularly for Drinking water supply, Grinding wheels, Coated abrasives field, Ceramics and Glass, Wood furniture, bonded & coated abrasives, preparation of non-skid tracks, steps, sports Ground Surface, etc.