Abrasive Blasting    

  Indian Ocean Garnet sands Co Pvt Ltd produces high-grade almandine Garnet, which is the hardest amongst Garnet varieties. The TGM garnet is highly inert and will not react with any other material or surface. The chloride and conductivity levels are very low, so the surface coated paints will not be withered and will withstand for a long time.

  Abrasive Blasting Grade

Four major blasting grades are produced by TGM namely;
Grade 12/24
Grade 20/40
Grade 30/60

The are used for sand blasting, application in offshore rigs, general marine, structural steel, oil storage vessels, rail-car containers 9mild steel and stainless), high chrome/nickel steels, in sites requiring low dusting limits, jobs requiring consistent profile to specification, pipes, etc.


The combination of tough mineral structure and rapid settling, results in lower levels of dusting during abrasive blasting. It creates a safer working environment and ensures fewer disruptions to neighboring areas. The garnet abrasive is recyclable many times.

  Since the product is heavier by volume than the traditional slag blasters opt for garnet, which is of smaller particle grade. The smaller particle results in more surface impacts per sq.ft, esq. area, allowing for not only lower consumption. But also a lower operation time for the operators. As a result laboratory and machinery utilization cost is reduced.

  All our grades are precise in their size and of high purity. The unique washing systems ensure the product dust as free and free from chloride. Many Oil companies in the Middle East and Europe have approved our products. We supply about 25,000 MTs per annum to the sand blasting industries.